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Creation = Disruption

Almost Science is focused on creation and innovation. 

If You’re Not A Disrupter, You’re Prey!


is to develop breakthrough products and services for the individual and corporate markets. Think of us as a fusion of the entertainment and educational industries as well as membership on corporate boards.

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Our division will help you publish a book for yourself or your business.

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board memberships

Engage Mark Stevens for board roles. Mark can also introduce you to MSCO, the firm he founded and now serves as an advisor to.

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"Are you looking for brave, new, and inventive ideas for your business? If so, you want to work with Mark Stevens. A straight shooter who becomes quickly and eagerly invested in your success, he brings deep experience, bold ideas, visionary thinking, and street cred to your table, all in the service of results. I have worked with many advisors and he dares to go where none have gone before. It's one of the many things that make him unique .... and effective."


-Jill Sherer Murray

 Director of Communications and Marketing

 National Brokerage and Consulting Firm

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Mark Stevens is a friend and mentor whom I’ve had the pleasure to know for about 12 years.

Recently Mark agreed to speak at a trade association meeting comprised of small business owners and principals. Mark advised on how to thrive in today’s challenging marketplace. His talk included tips on establishing a company culture where employees thrive and take pride in their work without sacrificing profits.

Mark punctuates his points with personal observations and poignant stories.


-Bob Russell, VP

Glen Gate Company

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Mark is a highly regarded speaker on books, management and marketing.


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Contact Mark directly at 

I have had the good fortune of working with Mark Stevens for 35 years.  Mark has made a profound difference in my company, Clarfeld Financial Advisors, and in my life.  Within the business community, and specifically the financial services industry, Mark is well known and often quoted for his second-to-none prowess.  Upon reflection, Mark’s guidance not only entailed every aspect of firm, but he taught me the essence of how to run an ethical and efficient business.


I first sought Mark's advice in 1981, shortly after establishing my accounting firm, and having read his incredibly insightful description of the environment I recently moved on from, “The Big Eight.”  As a sole-practioneer coming from a mega-firm I didn’t know how to market my services in a way that would enable me to achieve the critical mass that I needed to be competitive in my rather narrow specialty, international taxation and estate planning.  Mark’s probing questions as to how I saw my career and life developing over time caught me completely by surprise.  Mark’s contribution to my business was an amalgam of visioning, messaging, management structure and prioritizing my energies.  As we added additional services to our platform, Mark was with me, as both mentor and friend, at every step.  Although he and his talented team created every aspect of our marketing and external communications, I am most grateful to Mark for helping Clarfeld Financial Advisors grow from a one-man shop to where we are today; a multi-family office with a 100 professionals, over $6 billion in assets under management, and widely recognized within our industry as among the very best.  


With the passage of time, I remain even more steadfast in my view that Mark has the sharpest business mind I have ever encountered.  I am fortunate to have had Mark accompany me on my remarkable journey as not just my advisor, but as my consigliere, confidante and friend.  


I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Stevens without any qualification whatsoever.  

Robert A. Clarfeld, CPA, CFP® 

CEO/President of Clarfeld Financial Advisors

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